Scavolini Kitchen Renovations Islington

Our business is the Renovation, Design & Installation of high-quality Scavolini fitted kitchens at surprisingly affordable prices.
Our project management team in Islington plan everything together with you to ensure you achieve your ideal kitchen.

Scavolini Kitchen Renovations Islington

If you are considering a new kitchen then here are just a few ways we help you with your Scavolini kitchen renovation and reduce the costs involved.

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Islington Kitchen Renovation Services

Kitchen Remodelling

Scavolini Supplier

Choose between classic or contemporary/modern style, and combine it with the various materials and colours. Find your dream kitchen, that is in perfect harmony with you and your home!

The Scavolini line allows a tasteful, rational take on all spaces.

Kitchen Design

Italian Design

Excellent quality, straightforward modularity, multi-faceted design and reasonable prices: these characteristics define the Scavolini Basic line. Beautiful, quality kitchens that are affordable at the same time, enhancing the company’s already extensive product range. Our design team will work with you to maximise the potential of what your space offers so you get the best results in an affordable and professional way

Kitchen Renovation - Scavolini Italian Kitchen

Kitchen Fitters

We offer kitchen installation services Plumbing · Tiling & grouting · Electrics · Painting & decorating · Appliance installation · Kitchen cabinet & cupboard assembly/installation all customised to your needs. Our designers and project management will guide you from start to finish, ensuring the best quality renovation at the lowest possible price.

Kitchen Renovations Highgate

Scavolini Italian Kitchens Islington

FINANCE OPTION AVAILABLE – (Kitchen Renovations Islington)

  • Simple Process – Apply online or over the phone within office hours.
  • Competitive Rates – All loan APRs are dependent upon your credit rating & lenders’ criteria.
  • Range of flexible terms – Unsecured and Secured lending options from a varied panel of lenders
  • The final decision is based on your individual circumstances, including your personal credit profile, the amount you are looking to borrow, and the length of time over which you would like to make the repayments.
  • Please be aware that only a soft search is carried out when completing the application form, which should not affect your credit score.


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The Italian Sense of Beauty

The Italian Sense of Beauty

Kings Cross & Islington

Scavolini Kitchens, an iconic name in innovative and modern kitchen designs, has found a harmonious home in the neighbourhoods of Kings Cross and Islington. From its origins in Italy, Scavolini’s core values focus on the concept of family and the kitchen as the heart of the home. This fits perfectly into both the progressive, bustling atmosphere of Kings Cross and the community-driven, organic atmosphere of Islington.

In Kings Cross, a hotspot of innovation and cutting-edge design, Scavolini’s contemporary and sophisticated kitchen designs find resonance. The high-tech community, with its appreciation for the sleek, modern aesthetic, pairs well with Scavolini’s innovative designs, allowing residents to create spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful. Scavolini is not just about creating kitchens, but rather spaces where families, even in the form of communities or work teams, can come together, bond and thrive.

In Islington, Scavolini Kitchens align well with the organic evolution of community culture and atmosphere. Known for its diverse mix of classic and contemporary architecture, Islington is the perfect backdrop for Scavolini’s range, which spans from traditional to ultra-modern. Each design embodies the Italian philosophy of ‘la bella figura’ – making a good impression. Yet, they are not just aesthetically pleasing but also deeply functional, embodying the belief that the kitchen is a family gathering place, a cornerstone of the community, a space for connection, warmth, and shared experiences.

Across both neighbourhoods, Scavolini Kitchens is helping to build not just kitchens, but communal hearts of homes, reflecting the culture, values, and aesthetics of the diverse families, communities, and innovative teams that make up the unique tapestry of Kings Cross and Islington. This is perfectly aligned with Scavolini’s core value of family, underscoring the fact that regardless of where or how one lives, the kitchen remains a pivotal space for connection and togetherness.

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Kitchen Renovations Islington

Kings Cross and the London Borough of Islington have gone through significant changes in recent years, becoming vibrant and dynamic areas that have attracted a mix of businesses, residents, and visitors alike. These transformations, driven by significant redevelopment, have repositioned these areas as important cultural and business hubs within London.

As of 2023, Kings Cross has become a symbol of urban renewal, shedding its formerly rough reputation and emerging as an energetic, modern destination. The area is now defined by a balanced mix of residential, commercial, and public spaces. The redevelopment project of King’s Cross Central, also known as the N1C postcode, has made a significant contribution to this transformation. The development has brought new life to the area with its 50 new buildings, 20 new streets, and 10 new public squares.

The iconic King’s Cross Station, one of London’s main transport hubs, continues to serve as an architectural marvel and gateway to the city. The restored Victorian-era St. Pancras station remains an awe-inspiring structure with its intricate Gothic Revival architecture and now hosts the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel and upper level Eurostar services.

Argent’s King’s Cross Central redevelopment also showcases the area’s capacity for harmonizing contemporary architecture with its historic environment. The former industrial landscape has been revitalized with the old granary building now housing the University of the Arts London’s Central Saint Martins campus. Coal Drops Yard, a major retail destination, elegantly repurposes Victorian-era coal warehouses into a modern, upscale shopping and dining district.

On the technology front, Kings Cross has also emerged as a hub for technology and creative industries. Google’s London headquarters, known as the ‘landscraper’, stretches parallel to the platforms of King’s Cross railway station. Facebook and DeepMind also maintain offices here, making the area a vibrant hotspot of innovation and digital growth.

Moving eastward to the London Borough of Islington, the scene shifts from a focus on major redevelopment to a more organic evolution of community culture and atmosphere. Islington is renowned for its rich literary and political history and continues to be a popular residential area. It is also known for its thriving arts scene with venues like the Almeida Theatre, Sadler’s Wells, and the Islington Assembly Hall hosting a range of performances from ballet to indie rock.

Upper Street, often considered the heart of Islington, is lined with an eclectic mix of boutiques, gastropubs, restaurants, and traditional British pubs. It also hosts the Islington Farmers Market, offering local produce and goods. At the southern end of Upper Street, you’ll find the Islington Green, a small yet charming park that offers respite from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Islington is also home to the Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal F.C., one of the most successful football clubs in England. The stadium adds a sporting dimension to the area’s cultural fabric, regularly attracting thousands of local and visiting fans alike.

Both Kings Cross and Islington continue to evolve with the needs of their inhabitants, creating a blend of old and new that remains distinctly ‘London.’ These areas, with their revitalization efforts, thriving cultural scenes, and increasing relevance in technology and creative industries, underscore the adaptive and resilient spirit of London.

Kitchen Renovations Islington & Kings Cross

Kitchen Renovations Islington

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Kitchen Renovations London Borough of Islington

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Kitchen Renovations Islington

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Kitchen Renovations Islington

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Kitchen Renovations Islington

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Kitchen Renovations Islington

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