Kitchen Remodelling & Refurbishment

When you are considering a new kitchen or kitchen renovation, sometimes the overall project becomes about more than just the kitchen cabinets. One thing leads to another and you may realise that the entire space needs to be considered – flooring, wall tiles, replastering, electrics, lighting…it becomes a renovation of the whole space.

However, don’t despair – we can help you. We have successfully completed many projects with a number of these different elements. We work with a tried and trusted group of contractors all of whom are managed by us while on site. This means that you will never be left to juggle multiple tradesmen and discuss issues that perhaps you are unsure of. Instead, you need simply refer any concerns or questions to us. Having one point of contact simplifies your life and lessens the risk of misunderstandings during the kitchen remodelling process.

Kitchen Renovations in North London
Kitchen renovation in Muswell Hill

Our Kitchen Remodelling & Renovation Services

Our contractors for electrical works, plumbing & heating, plastering and so on are experienced, insured and we have a good working history with them. We can offer you options such as new room lighting, underfloor heating, and innovative multi-functional cabinetry.

If a kitchen renovation begins to turn in to a larger project involving building works, then there are architects and building companies we are familiar with from previous projects whom we can put you in touch with. All in all, our kitchen renovation service is provided to make the whole process easier to manage and ultimately less stressful.

Locations we serve:

Muswell Hill

Kitchen Renovation Costs

Occasionally clients are unsure as to what kind of costs they should be making allowances for. A key element of a successful kitchen renovation is deciding upon a budget. This obviously sets the scope of what we can specify and helps us manage your expectations. We can offer ballpark figures during our initial meeting with you, followed up by a detailed quotation that is in line with what was discussed.

Kitchen Remodelling Costings

Once you have decided on a budget that means we can then make appropriate suggestions in terms of kitchen models, worktops, appliances etc. As a result, we can then adjust our designs depending on which areas are more important than others to your kitchen plan.

North London Kitchen Renovation

You can have us manage & deliver your kitchen renovation with confidence.


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