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Questions about the cost of buying and installing a new kitchen is something we are very frequently asked. Obviously we can only offer answers based on our experience and the products and services we supply – we can’t speak for the whole industry, so here is some guidance on the costs involved from our point of view.

What’s Your Budget?

When you come to consider your kitchen renovation, its important to have a budget in mind as this will set the scope of what we can specify and it will also help us manage your expectations when producing your quotation.

Some clients may not know or otherwise be unsure about the amount they should be considering as the budget for their new kitchen. If this is the case then we can have a discussion that will lead to a ballpark figure that can be clarified by producing a firm quote.

It’s rare in any industry for the budget and the wish-list to align exactly in the first instance but if the budget doesn’t quite stretch to meet the wish-list then we can discuss alternatives; Where can we compromise? What can be revised to achieve a similar look more cost effectively? – Then we can produce a quotation that will meet with your expectations.

Budget extremes – What are the average low & high spends

Its useful to have a sense of where Scavolini kitchens sit in the marketplace to help you understand our breadth of choice and our quality when compared to other brands.

Our entry level models are Sax, Evolution and Madeleine. These are well made, affordable kitchens, made to almost identical specifications to the models produced in the middle and upper ranges, with no compromise on quality.

Entry level models use the same water-resistant carcases, runners and hinges as every other model but they will often have less choice on colours and finishes which makes them cheaper to produce.

To put that into context – the Evolution model, for example, has a choice of 34 colours across 3 finishes which will satisfy many of our customers requirements. However the Liberamente model, found in the upper middle of the range, has 11 finishes featuring a combined total of 150+ colours.

Our mid-range models include Liberamente, Mood and Foodshelf and include the full range of finishes  along with the extended range of cabinetry sizes and features such as larders with internal drawers, pull-out dining tables and concealed cutlery drawers.

Our top end models include the Diesel Living brand, Mia and Exclusiva with access to special finishes such as leather and ribbed glass, and specific and unique design features.

Our kitchens start at around £9000-10,000. For this price you can expect 12-16 cabinets in a laminate finish with laminate worktops and your basic appliances.

Between £11,000-16,000 you can expect the same number of cabinets in a lacquered finish, again with your basic appliances, perhaps with granite or quartz worktops.

£17,000-22,000 will provide a medium sized kitchen 16-24 cabinets in a lacquered finish, perhaps with a greater number of pull-out features (extra pan drawers, larders etc), and again granite or quartz worktops.

From £23,000-30,000 will allow for 24-28 cabinets, perhaps with additional finishes such as wood veneers, perhaps with higher specification or additional appliances such as wine coolers or boiling water taps. Worktops may include granite, quartz or Corian and splashbacks could be provided in glass.

Beyond £30,000 you can expect a greater number of cabinets, possibly in more luxurious finishes such as glass, veneer, porcelain or leather. Worktops may be in higher end granite, quartzites, quartz or Corian, and appliances may be higher specification and via higher end brands such as Miele or Barazza.

I’ve No Idea What I should Be Spending – What Should I Do?

Its not unusual for a customer to arrive full of ideas but with no notion of what they may have to spend to achieve their vision.

We can advise and offer ballpark figures. Should the customer feel uneasy about the proposed costs then we can start to look at how to provide alternatives and compromises that hopefully will not encroach too far on their wishlist.

What Are You Trying To Achieve?

Think carefully about how your new kitchen should perform in order to meet your needs.

For example, if you cook a lot and its an open plan space, you will need good extraction and quality appliances – a really good extractor and energy efficient ovens and hobs will cost more than something more standard. You might spend £4000.00 on your required appliances with extra items like wine coolers and boiling water taps adding on anything up to another £2500.00.

Planning on renting out your house? Then you will want worktops and door finishes that are built to last. A quartz worktop may cost double that of a wooden one but it will retain its looks and repel staining more efficiently. You could also order your doors in a laser edged laminate as opposed to a lacquer as it is cheaper and hardier.

Just a Kitchen or a Kitchen Extension?

If you are solely refitting your kitchen and are not doing anything structural then you may have more budget to lavish on kitchen cabinets and multipurpose appliances.

If you are building an extension then we understand that your budget may be quite stretched, and if something unforeseen crops up, then it will be stretched a little bit more.

Want a slick contemporary handleless kitchen that doesn’t cost the Earth? Go for the Liberamente laser edged laminate door – looks like a million bucks but is surprisingly reasonable.

Dreamt of a grand classical style ? Take a look at the Baltimora Kitchen Range.

Want an industrial reclaimed look that won’t break the bank? Head for the Sax kitchen with a wooden framed door in a distressed finish.

Seeking an understated calm space with all mod-cons? Consider the Carattere model.

Worktop costs

Worktops are a key area of your kitchen and need careful consideration.  Cost will vary according to material type and performance.

A relatively cheap material to buy but costs will mount up on the labour side as this requires professional joinery techniques. Requires maintenance.

Again, relatively inexpensive. Our laminates come cut to size and ready to install with factory made sink and hob cut-outs and so incur less installation costs.

Granite or Quartz
These are solid products and are very hardwearing. Prices vary according to the brand and complexity of the colour or veining, with simple colours being cheaper and marble-style looks coming in at a higher price. Requires professional templating and installation.

A versatile, hardwearing material that can have moulded sinks and splashbacks, it can seem as if it is a single section without joints. Must be installed by skilled professionals. We are able to offer a 10 year materials &labour warranty on Corian. This is more expensive than quartz or granite.

Dekton or porcelains
Dekton is a brand name for one of the leading porcelain worktops on the market. Porcelain has a variety of unusual finishes and is extremely hardwearing. Price is higher than Corian.

Appliance Costs

The appliance market is huge and there is an incredible choice of brands and types. However, as with many things, the old adage applies here – you get what you pay for.

We endorse only a small number of brands due to their quality, breadth of choice, and customer support in the event of any issues. Those brands are:

Bosch and Siemens are arguably the most affordable, with a broad offering and solid build quality. They are positioned in the entry level to mid market.

Smeg has perhaps the broadest choice of all of these, offering entry level choices through to some upper mid market design and functionality. Plus – 5 year warranties!

Miele is undoubtedly a mid – to high end market brand. Prices are high. Quality and longevity are excellent.

Barazza is a specialist brand offering unusual appliance design and specification and is known in particular for their flush mounted gas hobs. Another a mid – to high end market brand with mid to high prices.

Falmec focuses only on the production of extractor hoods with an affordable range of mid to high end products.

Who should install my kitchen?

Some people will buy cabinets with the intent of installing everything themselves. Which is fine if you have the right skills, the right tools and plenty of time. Installing a kitchen is a skilled job and making mistakes can be very costly.

Perhaps you have a builder working on other projects, who is offering to install your kitchen. A highly skilled and careful builder may well make a good job of it but consider a few points beforehand:

  • Have you seen previous examples of their kitchen fitting work?
  • Is the attention to detail good?
  • Did they finish that awkward corner well?
  • Or did they fudge it a bit in the hope that no one would notice?
  • How long did it take?

Of course, kitchen installation is just one of the services that we offer. Our kitchen installation expert Graeme is highly skilled and a bespoke furniture maker by trade. As such he has a good eye for detail but more importantly he has been installing kitchens for years.

He knows how a kitchen should be fitted and how to adjust each aspect so that when he has packed up his tools, it looks balanced and beautiful.

He is also a good problem solver – he can advise on aspects of your space that require adjustment prior to the kitchen being fitted, and he can help with issues that may arise midway through the process.

Then there is the aftercare; Does something need adjusting? Are you not quite happy with that door hinge? He will come out and take a look – its all part of our service.

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