Last Updated on September 10, 2020 by Matthew Julian

The path to purchasing a new kitchen can seem paved with an overwhelming amount of choices and decisions. However, we are here to guide you through this process.

You may have done a certain amount of comparing and contrasting before you venture out to our Muswell Hill shop. However,some people simply don’t know where to begin and this is where we come in.

Firstly, if possible, take some measurements of your room and bring us a simple sketch. Make sure any significant points are marked such as windows, doors, pillars or boilers.

Initially we will ask what kind of kitchen you want. Your answer may be as simple as ‘handleless please’ or ‘ I fancy a bright blue’. And these are actually great answers – based on these we can rapidly narrow down your choices from our range of 27 models and present you with two or three final options (as it happens, we have six models which can be both handleless and bright blue).

We can then really start getting into details. Kitchen colours, finishes, textures, carcase types, and cabinet interiors can all be noted down. You may not have an opinion on some of these subjects, and thats fine – we can make suggestions, show you samples and provide images from our brochure library.

We can discuss worktops suitable for the way you live and cook. If you’re a messy chef who loves to experiment, we might suggest a hardwearing, stain resistant quartz. If you crave easy to clean seamlessness, then maybe a Corian worktop with integrated moulded sinks and splashbacks is just the thing for you. Either way, we will guide you through the pros and the cons until we home in on something ideal. Then we can order you some samples which you can try out at home – a splash of curry sauce or red wine will test the mettle of your choices and hopefully reassure you of their resilience.

The functionality and practicality of your preferred appliances can be discussed. Is there a particular option you really want? A self cleaning oven? A rotisserie? Maybe a special colour to complement the blue cabinets? We can advise.

As well as taking notes on all the tangible objects, we will advise on the less tangible notions – how long will the order take to arrive? What is the installation process? How long should that take? What are the warranties? Do we know a painter who can smarten up the room post-installation?

This whole conversation will be noted down and will be used to produce your individually tailored quote with drawings that allow you to fully visualise your new kitchen space. And as involved as it all sounds, this process should take about an hour after which you will hopefully leave our shop feeling confident and enthused.

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