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The Suitability of Your Utility Need Not Be a Futility – or – Utility Rooms And How To Plan Them.

If you are planning a new build home, a kitchen extension or simply a more straightforward refurbishment, then adding a utility room into the mix could prove to be incredibly useful.

Firstly, the obvious stuff: it is somewhere to hide away the bulky noisy dastardly duo of the washing machine and dryer. These essential appliances are not always welcome in the main kitchen area, and giving them their own space means that the ensuing piles of laundry are also isolated away from the cooking zone, while often providing room for folding and stacking clothes.

Secondly, you will have room for an extra sink – always handy for some of the muckier household tasks that perhaps you don’t want to perform in your kitchen sink.

And of course, you will hopefully be able to hide away an extra fridge and/or freezer – incredibly useful if you want to stock up in the lead up to a big event or simply to minimise trips to the supermarket.

Is It Just A Laundry Room? Or Is It A Multipurpose Space?

The utility room will often become the overspill area for other parts of family life. It can double up as extra storage for dry foods or tin cans; sometimes the family pet will have a bed in there along with various grooming accoutrements. It will sometimes be the cloakroom or the bootroom, becoming the cleaning and storing space for muddy football boots or somewhere for raincoats to drip dry.

Depending on how you plan to use them, we can factor in a number of useful items: foldaway ironing boards, broom cupboards, cabinets to hide a stacked washer & dryer, hanging rails for damp clothes to airdry, wheeled units for pushing laundry around, especially large sinks or articulated taps that can be folded out of your way, shelving – there is a huge list of practical items we can supply that can also be as attractive and beautiful as you want them to be.

Hmm, Sounds Pricey. Or Is It?

The utility does not need to be expensive. If you already spending a reasonable amount on your kitchen, then a practical additional space can be provided in one of our simple entry level models such as the Urban or Sax kitchen range for a small additional sum.

Still not sure? Drop us a line with any questions. We will be happy to talk it over.


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