The wonders of Corian…


In many ways, Corian is the kitchen worktop of the future that’s already here today.

For simplicity’s sake, we refer to it here as a plastic worktop but its a complex cocktail of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate, produced in a very versatile sheet form.

It can be used to produce simple and striking kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Drawing on a range of 52+ worktop colours, you can achieve nearly seamless worktop joints (this more true of the plain colours, slightly less so of the textured) – I still challenge our clients to spot the 6 joints in the island worktop that we have here at the showroom.

Corian can also be shaped and moulded. Typical examples of this are with the sink bowls that can be integrated into the worktops along with coved upstands and splashbacks running at a pleasingly tight curvature straight up the wall from your kitchen top. Less typical are the various architects and designers that take these properties to the extreme, creating seemingly impossible structures that float, or appear to have no beginning or end.

Its very tough and nothing in a kitchen environment will stain Corian. Lemon juice, curry sauces, red wine? Nothing to worry about.

Plus it’s easy to clean, responding well to Cif powder or Barkeepers Friend. A diluted bleach solution left overnight keeps the sink looking good.

And should the worst happen – say that you accidentally burn it with a hot pan, leaving a big singe mark – our fabricators can come along, cut out the burnt piece, replace it, and no-one would be any the wiser.

We love it and we have many happy clients who have no regrets about fitting it. And because our Corian fabricators are so good at their job, their manufacturing and fabrication work is warrantied for 10 years along with the product itself.

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