About Sax Kitchen

  • MODERN CABINETS AND DOORS: Update your kitchen with our affordable and easy to install Sax kitchen unit base cabinets which feature classic modern handles on the doors, and are available in a wide range of finishes including 10 matte and glossy lacquers and over 25 melamine finishes in wood, stone and concrete.
  • HIGH END FEATURES: Despite its affordable price point, the Sax model still boasts high end features such as soft close hinges and runners, and water resistant carcases, ensuring that your investment in this kitchen will be both stylish and practical.
  • RECLAIMED WOOD STYLE: For those looking to achieve a more rustic or industrial look, our Sax kitchen also offers a panelled door in two melamine wood finishes, perfect for creating the look of reclaimed wood.
  • COMPETITIVE PRICING: The Sax kitchen is one of our most popular models due to its incredibly competitive pricing in the market, allowing you to update your kitchen without breaking the budget.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Sax kitchen cabinets are not only stylish and well made, but also easy to install, making improvements to your home a breeze.

Product Description

Experience the renewed essence of the Sax model from the renowned Scavolini Basic line, designed by Vuesse. This remarkable design beautifully captures the charm of a craftsman’s workshop while elevating it to create exquisite and refined living spaces.

Unleashing exceptional versatility in its composition, the Sax kitchen offers an array of options that go beyond the ordinary. With its distinctive finishes and trendsetting design, it presents a world of possibilities for those seeking a truly personalized and modern culinary haven that effortlessly caters to the demands of contemporary lifestyles.

Picture a design that seamlessly blends the essence of tradition with a touch of modernity. The Sax kitchen, adorned with wall units and featuring the new frame door in Land Oak decorative melamine, exudes a more classical appeal. Its captivating allure is further enhanced by the deep and rich tones of the worktop, side panels, and plinth frames of the base units.

With Sax, every aspect of your dream kitchen can be tailored to suit your individual preferences and functional needs. Embrace the sophistication and versatility of a Sax kitchen, where innovation meets tradition, and create an extraordinary culinary space that embodies your unique style.

The Sax kitchen is one of our most popular models. A typical modern kitchen with handles on the doors, this kitchen is incredibly competitively priced in the market while still retaining all of our high end features such as soft close hinges and runners, water resistant carcases and a wide choice of colours and finishes.

Every Sax kitchen is available in 10 matte and glossy lacquers and over 25 melamine finishes in wood, stone and concrete. There is also a panelled door in two melamine wood finishes for when you want to achieve a reclaimed wood or industrial style kitchen.

Customer Questions & Answers

Yes – we are fully insured, so in the event of an unexpected problem, you’re covered.

This varies depending on the model you choose, but broadly speaking allow 8-12 weeks.
An indication of budget is important as it tells us what we can specify, and it sets boundaries for the scope of your project, so that when we present you with your quotation, it meets with your expectations. If you’re at all unsure about your budget, please contact us and ask as many questions as you like.
Yes – we can provide and manage all the relevant trades using tried and trusted partners at competitive rate

Absolutely. We are happy to provide kitchens and bathrooms on a supply-only basis with technical support if necessary.

We have something for everyone – our entry level kitchens start at around £7-10k. For that price you can expect cabinets for a small to medium kitchen, basic appliances including a sink, tap, oven, hob, hood, fridge freezer and dishwasher, and laminate worktops. Note that this doesn’t include fitting though.

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