About Motus Kitchen

  • HANDLELESS DOORS – Each Motus kitchen by Scavolini features finger-grip handles cut and integrated into the door, providing a sleek and modern look to the kitchen.
  • SLOPING DRAWER FRONTS – The unique sloping drawer fronts are a standout feature of the Motus kitchen design, adding both functionality and style to the kitchen.
  • UNUSUAL KITCHEN ISLAND DESIGNS – Motus offers unusual kitchen island designs that provide ample space for food preparation, storage, and seating.
  • MIRRORED GLASS DOOR FRONTS – The taller cabinets and drawers in Motus kitchen feature mirrored glass door fronts, adding elegance and depth to the kitchen’s overall design.
  • WIDE RANGE OF FINISHES – A Motus kitchen is available in 25 matte or glossy lacquered colours, 5 metallic lacquers, and over 10 melamine finishes in wood, stone, and concrete, providing a variety of options to suit any style preference.

Product Description

The Motus Kitchen by Scavolini, designed by Vittore Niolu, blends function and entertainment, privacy and familiarity through the use of “independent” elements that can be assembled, disassembled, and even recombined over time, depending on the available space and functional needs. This allows for the Motus kitchen and living room concept to evolve with complete creative liberty. The brand new proposal allows for an infinite number of configurations, not only in its unusual lines but also in its essential and elegant design, with details that reveal a new identity of the environment we work and live in today.

The Motus kitchen by Scavolini features several marks of distinction, including the asymmetric opening of the door with no handle, the unique interpretation of the glass door, the geometry of the shaped drawer, the new island and peninsula units, and the sophisticated chromatic range of the elements. These elements are available in a line dedicated to today’s most popular colours, including gloss and matt lacquer, or melamine with matching finishes.

Motus Kitchen is a handleless kitchen model with the finger-grips cut and integrated into the door (this is sometimes referred to as a ‘J-handle’). Its stand-out features include the unique sloping drawer fronts, its unusual kitchen island designs and the mirrored glass door fronts for its taller cabinets and drawers.

Every Motus Kitchen is available in 25 matte or glossy lacquered colours; 5 metallic lacquers; over 10 melamine finishes in wood, stone and concrete. Doors are 22mm thick.

Design by Vittore Niolu

Customer Questions & Answers

Yes – we are fully insured, so in the event of an unexpected problem, you’re covered.

This varies depending on the model you choose, but broadly speaking allow 8-12 weeks.
An indication of budget is important as it tells us what we can specify, and it sets boundaries for the scope of your project, so that when we present you with your quotation, it meets with your expectations. If you’re at all unsure about your budget, please contact us and ask as many questions as you like.
Yes – we can provide and manage all the relevant trades using tried and trusted partners at competitive rate

Absolutely. We are happy to provide kitchens and bathrooms on a supply-only basis with technical support if necessary.

We have something for everyone – our entry level kitchens start at around £7-10k. For that price you can expect cabinets for a small to medium kitchen, basic appliances including a sink, tap, oven, hob, hood, fridge freezer and dishwasher, and laminate worktops. Note that this doesn’t include fitting though.

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