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Planning a Kitchen Renovation during Coronavirus Lockdown

We are all spending more time at home right now that perhaps we ever have and so inevitably many of us will be structuring our days around the preparation of meals.

Certainly here in my house, our kitchen has become the heart of the home, whether dispensing regular homemade snacks as a welcome distraction from home schooling or video conferencing, or enticing the family downstairs at the end of the day for a warming dinner around the table.

I don’t think my kitchen has ever had so much continuous use.  And confined to our dwellings as we are, some of us may well be examining our surroundings in closer detail with a more critical eye than usual and begin to think that perhaps certain areas could do with updating.

After all, there’s nothing like prepping 3 meals a day plus umpteen treats in-between to make you consider whether your current kitchen is as good as it could be.

You may be thinking that your larder is not as big as needs be or perhaps access to it is not very convenient; the underwhelming amount of worksurfaces that you have always muddled along with may suddenly be a real dealbreaker, lacking enough space for meal prep combined with the ever-present teetering pile of washing-up; the old fridge, always just about fine, now groans under the volume of extra comestibles, the door just about shutting; the cutlery drawer, never normally a problem, you now realise is a nightmare to access when your other half is stood at the hob coaxing their speciality dish into its final stages.

You won’t be alone, believe me. But locked down as we are, there are still things you can do to get the ball rolling on redesigning your kitchen space.

Tips for planning a kitchen renovation during the Coronavirus lockdown

1. Take a good look at the page on our site that shows the various models here. See what catches your eye.

2. Get in touch and we can have an initial discussion about your needs. To begin with you can call us on 0203 417 6694 or email us via . We will also email you a simple list of queries that help us narrow down your preferences.

3. Send us a room plan. If you have an architects or designers drawing with dimensions already present, then that’s great. Otherwise we will need you to make a simple sketch – we can explain how to do this in clear terms that will be easy to follow. You can then email this to us. (Note that at a later stage we will come and double check your dimensions in person, subject to prevailing lock down conditions of course).

4. Want to discuss something in more detail? Perhaps you want to show us a particular quirk of your room or see some samples of a particular colour or finish? If photos will not suffice then we can organise a video conferencing call with you via one of the popular video calling apps such as WhatsApp or Zoom.

5. Sit back and relax. In the meantime, we will produce a full quote with drawings of your new kitchen that will help you visualise your refurbished space. The quote will be broken down in to separate sections that detail appliances, cabinets, worktops and labour charges in full, including vat and with no hidden extras. This is a free service and we will email this to you as a pdf document.

6. Make a coffee and check through the quote and drawings. Want to make some changes? No problem – send us the list of things to revise and we will send it back to you as soon as we can.

So now you have your quote and drawings and you’re happy with them. What next?

Ideally you will want to see our shop display and perhaps look at samples. As and when this is considered to be possible, we can organise a carefully orchestrated visit to our Muswell Hill shop and make everything available to you in a manner that is safe and convenient while observing the relevant social distancing.

I hope you enjoyed my post and if you are planning a kitchen renovation and have questions why not send an email or feel free to give me a call. In the meantime stay safe.

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