Scavolini Fitted Bathrooms

A new bathroom can transform your house and the way you live. However, choosing the right bathroom suite can be a daunting task. We are offer a bespoke bathroom design service utilising Scavolini fitted bathrooms. Whole bathroom suites or individual bathroom furniture pieces.

Combining our skilled plumbing and electrical experience, Perfect Fit Kitchens & Interiors is now also providing a comprehensive, yet simple and hassle-free bathroom fitting services in London.

We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help you achieve it. We focus on renovations that are both in harmony with your lifestyle and affordable.

We’re excited to simplify bathroom renovations or refurbishments for everyone with our team of experienced installers along with partnerships with exceptional bathroom suppliers.

Scavolini Bathroom Suites

Scavolini bathroom furniture applies the same design flair and eye for detail that they use with their kitchens with a rich variety of forms, materials and finishes combined with innovative design solutions. Scavolini designers have created several complete bathroom collections, with a rich variety of forms, materials and finishes and a high degree of customisation.  Like their kitchens, the bathrooms are available in both modern and traditional styles which includes a range of mirrors and bathroom lighting. There is also a utility room model designed to accommodate washing machines and dryers, ironing and shoe storage. Finishes include matte & glossy lacquers and glass, laminates and wood.

Need tiles? We have partnerships with a number of local suppliers who will be happy to advise you, including Fired Earth, Topps Tiles Boutique & Checkalow. To widen the choice for our clients, we also provide a number of UK brands who will provide sanitary ware, taps and showers.

Scavolini Fitted Bathrooms – Aquo Bathroom Suite

Arredo, Bagno, Magnifica Bathroom Suites – Scavolini Fitted Bathrooms

Scavolini Fitted Bathrooms – Baltimora

Scavolini Fitted Bathrooms – Font

Scavolini Fitted Bathrooms – Habi

Scavolini Fitted Bathrooms – Idro

Scavolini Fitted Bathrooms – Lagu

Scavolini Fitted Bathrooms – Magnifica

Qi Bathroom Suites by Scavolini

Rivo Bathroom Suites by Scavolini

Laundry Space Bathroom Suites by Scavolini

Diesel Open Workshop – Scavolini Fitted Bathrooms

Bathroom Remodelling Cost

In London, on average, people spend around £5,500 on fitting a new bathroom or on major bathroom renovations. We can’t tell you exactly how much your bathroom will cost before we’ve seen it but we can quickly give you a good idea.

Our pricing policy:

  • Your initial consultation meetings at our offices are always FREE
  • Installation costs will be quantified after the design and schedule of products to be fitted has been prepared
  • We will provide a firm quotation, not an estimate

The whole project for a Scavolini fitted bathroom installation usually takes from 10 to 15 days and we always make sure you still have the access to your toilet while the renovation is in progress.

Scavolini Fitted Bathroom Renovation Pricing

A typical bathroom renovation includes:

  • removal and disposal of wall tiles and floor tiles
  • removal and disposal of units (bath, toilet, washbasin)
  • plumbing for a new bath, toilet, washbasin and radiators as well as the installation of all units
  • tiling all walls and floor
  • building bath panel and tile over
  • fitting bath screen
  • fitting accessories
  • install lighting

When we estimate the cost we take into account the size of your bathroom, type of tiles and units you want to install.

The right bathroom fitter makes all the difference

Give us a few minutes of your time and we’ll plan the bathroom you really want. Guaranteed.

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