A Brief Guide to Cooker Hoods

A Brief Guide to Cooker Hoods

Most of our clients have usually given a fair amount of thought to their preferred oven or hob – the brand, the styling, whether its gas or electric, steel or glass, touch controls or good old fashioned knobs. They will have thought about their dishwashers energy rating, their sink and tap style, and their task lighting requirements.

But the one item that seems to be a blind spot for them is their cooker hood. Whenever I broach the subject, if I’m lucky, there is an agreement that one is required for the kitchen, but no idea of what may be needed. If I’m not so lucky, the response is sometimes “Can’t we just open the window?”!

Good kitchen extraction is important. If you like to cook, then a good quality hood will ensure that steam, odours and grease are removed from your kitchen efficiently, keeping the space clean and fresh.

You should be looking for a powerful motor that can achieve a high rate of air extraction, but which can also run as quietly as possible. We always recommend hoods made by Falmec as they have both these features – their motors will extract very efficiently but also in some cases as quietly as 33db, near whisper quiet. Falmec also have a great design sensibility with some very sleek and stylish models like the Zephiro. Alternatively, if you want your hood to disappear, they have the humble Gruppo Incasso model which is designed to fit into a kitchen cabinet but can still pack a (discreet) punch.

Ideally, your hood should be vented to the outside world using rigid ducting for optimum performance. You can also often add an external wall mounted motor for extra power and/or noise reduction. If this is not an option, then consider installing the hood in recirculating mode. The grease and steam can be trapped in charcoal or Carbon.Zeo filters, leaving clean air to be blown out back into the room. And in the case of Falmec’s E.Ion range, you can even incorporate an air purification system.

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